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WCC RADIO-EP042 available for download


WCC RADIO-EP042 is now available for download or streaming from Soundcloud. Check the radio page for the AAC and MP3. This one is meant to be played while you drive down the coast with your convertible's top down. Especially the first half of the episode which is not what you usually expect from the show. Most of the first hour is mid tempo Disco edits which is something Torin and I have gotten more into lately. Especially at the beginning of our sets. This was also mainly inspired by an artist from Australia who does these kind of edits and remixes named Late Nite Tuff Guy (L.N.T.G.). The first 6 tracks on this episode are reworks by him. He is truly talented. You should really follow him on SoundCloud because most of the times he lets people download his edits (how I got these) but they are usually limited to only about 100 DL per track. So when you get a notification that he has something new you better jump on it. I hope you like this little change of pace and the summer grooves.

WCC RADIO EP042 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC


WCC opening up for Fred Everything at BALANCE Saturday, June 11th


I am very excited to have the chance to open up for one of my old time heroes, mr Fred Everything. I’ve been following Fred’s career since the first time I saw him in play in Montréal almost 20 years ago. He is an amazing DJ and we have become friends since he moved to San Francisco. This will be my first time sharing the decks with him. Go to the Facebook Invite page or go straight to Eventbrite page to get on the discount list. I hope to see the whole Los Angeles family at this event.

FRED EVERYTHING (Om | Lazy Days Recordings) 5 Years of Lazy Days Tour!
with... The WCC

WCC RADIO EP-040 and 041available for download


WCC RADIO EP-040 and 041 are ready for download. Actually 040 has been ready for a while and has been on Soundcloud for almost a month but since I got slammed again at work and with gigs I did not have time to update the site. Again if you are following me or The West Coast Collective on Facebook you would have known. What’s new is that on the radio page you will find the indexed AAC of both shows which a lot people prefer over MP3. There is an explanation of the differences on the radio page. You can stream the shows right below or take them with you.

WCC RADIO EP040 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

WCC RADIO EP041 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

Live Set from NoChella


Live recording from King King Hollywood of the West Coast Collective's set at NoChella April 16th 2011. Ricardo and Torin switched up every two tracks to bring you a 2 hour set full of funk, soul and deepness.Also really exclusive tracks (we really mean it, no one has these yet) from Torin Rea and Joshua Heath. Download the MP3 on the player below or on the Soundcloud page. You can also simply stream the mix by hitting the play button.

WCC live at NoChella April 16th, 2011 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

NoChella Video Flyer

This Saturday April 16th we bring our little House Music Festival to King King in Hollywood. Watch the video flyer and then visit the event page for more info. Hope to see you there!


The WCC presents NoChella at King King Hollywood April 16th, 2011

Ah, the weekend of April 16th in California... Do you feel like not driving 100 of miles to pay 100 of dollars to be standing in 100 degree weather? Then join the West Coast Collective as we bring you our own Hollywood House Music festival... NoChella.

This night will feature appearances by LA favorites:


(Hawt/Easily Influenced)

(Hawt/Philter/Secret Cinema)


(Melodic/Afternoon Delight)

Click to see a bigger version of the flyer

I’m super excited about this event as it’s one of the first that we do on our own with out any promoters. If you are in LA I hope you will come and support us because if this works out it will become a regular thing.

Come get your boogie on to a night a pure House Music on Saturday, April 16th at King King, Hollywood.

$5 only before 11pm and 10$ after for the rest of the night. Doors open at 10pm and stay open until 4am.

See the Facebook event page.


WCC RADIO EP-039 available for download


WCC RADIO EP-039 is ready for download with some of the heat we got in Miami during WMC 2011. Burning new tracks and mixes from our friends the Corduroy Mavericks, Jonn Hawley, exclusive edits by Jask, DJ Camouflage, Brent Vassar, a remastered 2011 version of Jay-J's grammy nominated Jill Scott remix, a brand new unreleased track by The WCC's own Torin Rea coming out soon on Melon Dive Recordings and many more goodies and exclusives tracks. Stream the mix right below with the Soundcloud player or visit the radio page to download the AAC or MP3.

WCC RADIO EP039 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

WCC Live @ Balance Feb 26th, 2011 Recording


Here is the live recording of my self and my WCC partner Torin Rea when we opened up for our friend Jay-J at Balance on February 26th of this year. We had an amazing time and I can positively say that we rocked the joint! We had the dance floor packed all night and set up Jay-J real nice to the point that he was impressed with our performance and the crowd’s reaction. You can stream mix from Soundcloud or below. If you wish to download it visit the Live / Studio Mixes page where you can find the AAC and MP3 of the set.
WCC Live @ Balance Feb 26th, 2011 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

Playing with Jay-J @ Balance


I am so excited for February 26th at BALANCE because my partner in crime Torin Rea and I get to open up for someone I consider one of my best friends and mentor. The one and only Jay-J! This night is going to be insane since we are also celebrating Jay-J's birthday. If you want to get on the discount list for that night I highly suggest you do it early on the eventbrite site. You can also check the Facebook invite for more info. I hope to see the whole LA family there for this special night.


New more streamline and look to the site


If you visit my site from time to time you will notice two things. First, there is finally activity! Due some personal issues over the last year I haven't had a chance to update it much even if I've been keeping up with the radio shows and new mixes. I also haven't send much email updates like I used to do. All of that is changing now that I'm back baby! Second, you will notice a new look to the site. I've been working hard to make it more streamline and simple. Basically it allows you to get quickly to the information you came here for - which is mainly for the mixes.

People don't visit personal websites like they used to. It's more about social networks like Facebook. Even if my site hasn't been updated much in the last year our West Coast Collective fan page on Facebook has been very active. If you really want to be up to date on my mixes and gigs I would suggest that you 'like' our page. Even my personal Facebook page has had a lot more activity. BTW if you decide to send me a friend request please include a note and say you came from my site or something like that so I know. I hate it when I get a request with no explanation, especially from someone I don't know.

Comments are also back. It took me a while to find a comment service that I like but I think I now found one. Disqus has a lot of web 2.0 technologies that work much better than my previous system that I had to remove. You can use your Facebook profile to comment and other services. You can also 'like' or 'not like' a post, etc.

I'm also really excited to have The Vault in this new site with all my legacy mixes. Please read the post previous to this one for the details.

Please explore the site and let me know if anything is not working for you or broken or simply if you like the new site. Leave me a comment about it - now that they are back :)