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New more streamline and look to the site


If you visit my site from time to time you will notice two things. First, there is finally activity! Due some personal issues over the last year I haven't had a chance to update it much even if I've been keeping up with the radio shows and new mixes. I also haven't send much email updates like I used to do. All of that is changing now that I'm back baby! Second, you will notice a new look to the site. I've been working hard to make it more streamline and simple. Basically it allows you to get quickly to the information you came here for - which is mainly for the mixes.

People don't visit personal websites like they used to. It's more about social networks like Facebook. Even if my site hasn't been updated much in the last year our West Coast Collective fan page on Facebook has been very active. If you really want to be up to date on my mixes and gigs I would suggest that you 'like' our page. Even my personal Facebook page has had a lot more activity. BTW if you decide to send me a friend request please include a note and say you came from my site or something like that so I know. I hate it when I get a request with no explanation, especially from someone I don't know.

Comments are also back. It took me a while to find a comment service that I like but I think I now found one. Disqus has a lot of web 2.0 technologies that work much better than my previous system that I had to remove. You can use your Facebook profile to comment and other services. You can also 'like' or 'not like' a post, etc.

I'm also really excited to have The Vault in this new site with all my legacy mixes. Please read the post previous to this one for the details.

Please explore the site and let me know if anything is not working for you or broken or simply if you like the new site. Leave me a comment about it - now that they are back :)