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WCC RADIO-EP042 available for download


WCC RADIO-EP042 is now available for download or streaming from Soundcloud. Check the radio page for the AAC and MP3. This one is meant to be played while you drive down the coast with your convertible's top down. Especially the first half of the episode which is not what you usually expect from the show. Most of the first hour is mid tempo Disco edits which is something Torin and I have gotten more into lately. Especially at the beginning of our sets. This was also mainly inspired by an artist from Australia who does these kind of edits and remixes named Late Nite Tuff Guy (L.N.T.G.). The first 6 tracks on this episode are reworks by him. He is truly talented. You should really follow him on SoundCloud because most of the times he lets people download his edits (how I got these) but they are usually limited to only about 100 DL per track. So when you get a notification that he has something new you better jump on it. I hope you like this little change of pace and the summer grooves.

WCC RADIO EP042 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC


WCC RADIO EP-040 and 041available for download


WCC RADIO EP-040 and 041 are ready for download. Actually 040 has been ready for a while and has been on Soundcloud for almost a month but since I got slammed again at work and with gigs I did not have time to update the site. Again if you are following me or The West Coast Collective on Facebook you would have known. What’s new is that on the radio page you will find the indexed AAC of both shows which a lot people prefer over MP3. There is an explanation of the differences on the radio page. You can stream the shows right below or take them with you.

WCC RADIO EP040 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

WCC RADIO EP041 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

Live Set from NoChella


Live recording from King King Hollywood of the West Coast Collective's set at NoChella April 16th 2011. Ricardo and Torin switched up every two tracks to bring you a 2 hour set full of funk, soul and deepness.Also really exclusive tracks (we really mean it, no one has these yet) from Torin Rea and Joshua Heath. Download the MP3 on the player below or on the Soundcloud page. You can also simply stream the mix by hitting the play button.

WCC live at NoChella April 16th, 2011 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

WCC RADIO EP-039 available for download


WCC RADIO EP-039 is ready for download with some of the heat we got in Miami during WMC 2011. Burning new tracks and mixes from our friends the Corduroy Mavericks, Jonn Hawley, exclusive edits by Jask, DJ Camouflage, Brent Vassar, a remastered 2011 version of Jay-J's grammy nominated Jill Scott remix, a brand new unreleased track by The WCC's own Torin Rea coming out soon on Melon Dive Recordings and many more goodies and exclusives tracks. Stream the mix right below with the Soundcloud player or visit the radio page to download the AAC or MP3.

WCC RADIO EP039 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

WCC Live @ Balance Feb 26th, 2011 Recording


Here is the live recording of my self and my WCC partner Torin Rea when we opened up for our friend Jay-J at Balance on February 26th of this year. We had an amazing time and I can positively say that we rocked the joint! We had the dance floor packed all night and set up Jay-J real nice to the point that he was impressed with our performance and the crowd’s reaction. You can stream mix from Soundcloud or below. If you wish to download it visit the Live / Studio Mixes page where you can find the AAC and MP3 of the set.
WCC Live @ Balance Feb 26th, 2011 by DJ Ricardo Torres | WCC

The Vault is Here.

New page to the site! Back by popular demand my legacy mixes are back online. You will find here every mix that I did before 2005. Including my first three mixes from 2002 that have never been available before as MP3s (they used to be in crappy 32kps RealAudio). The ones who have been following me for almost 10 years will remember After Hours, After Hours II, and San Francisco Dub Sessions - you can now get them in high quality audio.

Also in The Vault you will find 12 episodes of Shameless Sessions which was the precursor and what WCC RADIO was born of. My original radio show on SS Radio UK where some episodes have my not so sexy voice like a real radio show (don't worry it's not much).

Visit The Vault and start taking a trip down memory lane.


WCC RADIO EP-038 available for download


WCC Radio 38 is ready for download with hot new tunes by Corduroy Mavericks, Will Jax, Jonn Hawley, Sonny Fodera, Random Soul, Mr Patron and many other great artists. Great feedback on this episode from the artists themselves. Take a peek and make sure your subwoofers are on. You can download the AAC on the radio page, or you can stream the episode and download the MP3 directly in the Soundcloud player below, or you can also subscribe to the podcast on SS Radio UK. Leave a comment if you have feedback and tell me if you like it.

WCC RADIO EP038 by DJ Ricardo Torres-WCC


WCC RADIO EP-037 available for download


WCC RADIO EP37 is ready for download with hot tracks by Giano Lujan, Will Jax, the dreamy "Dreams" by Francis Jilla, hot peak time promo by Brent Vassar and two tracks from the much anticipated EP by Corduroy Mavericks that is coming out Feb 10th on Native Soul Recordings. Classic track by NYs Finest and many more! Stream the episode below or go to the Radio Page to download the AAC or the MP3. Enjoy!

WCC RADIO EP037 by DJ Ricardo Torres-WCC

City Sonar Vol. 5 available for download


I'm back at the wheel of Deep House bus with the 5th installment of City Sonar. This series is one of the most popular set of mixes with over 7000 downloads of the previous volumes. Two hours of music from some of the best Deep House labels such as Sutra Sounds who keep pushing the envelope of this genre of music. Stream the mix below or go to the City Sonar page to download the AAC or the MP3. Enjoy!

City Sonar vol.5 by DJ Ricardo Torres-WCC

WCC RADIO EP-036 available for download


First WCC Radio of 2011! Featured is brand new music from our friends the House Inspectors as they release their first EP on their own imprint, Inspected Music, with Husky (Random Soul) on the remix duties. Also, a banging remix from our hometown hero Wally Callerio of a Will Jax dope production. Some classics and surprise booties. Stream the episode below or go to the Radio Page to download the AAC or the MP3. Enjoy!

WCC RADIO EP036 by DJ Ricardo Torres-WCC

WCC RADIO EP-035 available for download


Right on the heels of EP-34, WCC RADIO EP-035 is also now ready for download. This one turned out to be one of my favs of the year with a Deep start and then picking it up with some Jackin' and a touch of Soul. Stream the episode below or go to the Radio Page to download the ACC or the MP3. Enjoy!

WCC RADIO EP035 by DJ Ricardo Torres-WCC

WCC RADIO EP-034 available for download


WCC RADIO EP-034 is now ready to be downloaded as an indexed AAC file that works great with iTunes and also as a regular MP3. You will find these on the Radio Page where you will also get the track list and where you can rate the show. This set BTW, was mixed as a tag team with my WCC compadre Dustin Brown. We switched every two tracks and this is the result. Enjoy!

I am now on SoundCloud

SoundCloud-Logo-300x300 copy

I have just opened a SoundCloud account. I did this to be able to easily imbed an audio player on this blog so you can stream the radio shows and mixes directly from here or you can get the code to imbed it on your site, blog, Facebook, etc. The player will also allow you to write comments and download an MP3 version of the set. If you prefer the AAC version you can still find it in the Radio Page. If you are a producer and would like to send me a track you can do it easily now by sending it through my drop box.